As a shareholder of a company, in certain circumstances you can seek to enforce your shareholder rights as well as seeking to determine the company’s course of action.

As a shareholder you may feel that your company is being run to the ground, to force you to sell or give up your shares, or your fellow shareholders are seeking to take unfair advantage of you and others. You can seek remedies for shareholder oppression, and you can seek to look into company’s corporate governance for poor performance and corporate excesses.

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We are able to help you with whole range of legal remedies and steps which you take to manage the risk of harm to your interest in a company. We can advise on safe participation in a shareholder activism, which is a legitimate and cost-effective form of self-regulation, to enforcing remedies available to you under your shareholder’s agreement (if any).

Whether you are a minority shareholder or a majority shareholder, we combine our company law and litigation expertise to assist you with all aspect of your legal needs. If you need advice, please click here to contact us and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch today.

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