Financial distress could lead to an insolvency situation for everyone and every business at some point. You may be able to turn this to you advantage if you speak to us as early as possible.

Insolvency is a bitter reality which can affect you, your business and/or your personal finances, if it is not handled carefully. When considering insolvency one ought to have regards for its wider implication.

Navigating through the insolvency rules can be extremely challenging. The net result of insolvency can be both commercially and personally devastating if it is mishandled, every step you take therefore requires a careful legal consideration – this is often a complex task which involves a careful analysis of your personal/business circumstances, so the best course of action can be chosen.

We recognise that there is a need for a pragmatic but creative approach however we do not ignore the fact that a common sense approach must be considered at all times.

Why Us?

We are a team of collaborative, highly experienced experts with a progressive approach no matter how complex your matter.

With our strong litigation background, we focus on the disputes that arise from financial distress – this reduces the impact of the consequences of the insolvency. Our litigation offering has the experience of handling some of biggest commercial disputes currently running in the Royal Court of Justice. We are familiar with running highly complex commercial disputes and fraud cases, often with the involvement of multiple parties.

We have a depth of experience providing insolvency advice to individuals, creditors and the insolvency practitioner community, enabling us to see disputes from both sides.

We think outside of the box to enable us to propose solutions that other insolvency lawyers may not consider. This is why we are one step ahead of others.

We can call on the experience of asset recovery, litigation, white collar crime and other specialist colleagues to build a solution that is tailored to your needs.

We frequently use Search & Seize Orders as well as Disclosure Orders to assist you to achieve your objectives. Our work is underpinned by our consultant investigators and discovery capabilities.

We are not constrained by commercial ties to large institutional clients; we are an independent firm able to act against financial institutions and accountancy firms without a worry and any conflict issues.

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