On a regular basis we encounter and confront those who help themselves to our clients’ company’s confidential data. These are often valuable assets that our clients use to give them a competitive edge in their marketplace.

We have the experience of dealing with those who take sensitive business information, database of clients’ information, key financial information and/or their trade secrets pragmatically and swiftly.

An immediate response is crucial to minimise the potential damage to you and your business. We act swiftly and robustly. We can provide crisis management by way of court orders/an interim injunction to protect you and your business.

Theft of such data from your business could have a devastating effect for your business. We have the best litigation offering in Sheffield, in the region and across the country. Our aggressive approach to these types of offences equally inflicts a devastating blow to those wrongdoers who attempt to unlawfully use our clients’ sensitive information.

Why Us?

We are able to provide you with a range of legal remedies, whether it is an injunction as an interim remedy by way of Court orders to protect your business. We have the experience of the delivery up orders, search orders, freezing orders and cost orders – all of which could inflict a huge financial loss upon those wrongdoers.

We combine our investigative capabilities, with fraud and employment expertise in order to assist and secure the stolen confidential data.

We do act for both large corporation as well as small clients and individuals across numerous sectors including recruitment. We act swiftly as in these-type of cases time is of the essence.

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