The UK automotive industry is reported to have generated over £77 billion pounds.

Some argue that Brexit will suffocate any further growth. We disagree. We think that the British automotive industry and British Motorsport has a global presence and will continue its growth at a healthy pace. Our founder’s knowledge and experience of this industry assists us in providing cost effective advice on commercial manufacturing. We are able to advise companies who produce parts for well-known brands.

We are proud to announce that we are in the process of collaborating with nationally/internationally known motorsport firms and racing-drivers some of whom have experience of racing amongst the best in BTCC grid, MotoGP and Porsche Cup GB. This industry is dynamic and so are we.

Why Us?

We are keen to solve your problems by utilising our talent. We are able to act for;

  • car suppliers,
  • distributors,
  • dealers,
  • racing teams,
  • professional drivers,
  • sponsors,
  • investors,
  • car enthusiasts;
  • and car collectors.

Our founder assisted his internationally known client when the Swiss authorities were investigating the death of a rider as a result of a malfunctioning gearbox produced by a well-known British brand. When the board of his former client was facing a difficult challenge, Omid Khub assisted in resolving their complex dispute and helped with structuring a good exit strategy. We can advise on all of the issues which you might face. From protecting your brand, to corporate, commercial, regulatory and compliance issues. We can help you to restructure your business if you need to; or to deal with all insolvency, competition, employment, and intellectual property related matters on your behalf. For further information click here.

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