Private equity market is as evolving as cryptocurrencies market. Private equity houses, sovereign funds, fund managers and ultra-high net worth individuals are always on the lookout for dynamic and evolving ways to attract new business and growth.

With a fine line between regulated investments and unregulated investments you must always take legal advice. We have the first-hand experience of defending those who did not take legal advice at the first available opportunity thus, we don’t want to see our new clients in the same boat.

If you are a private equity firm, a fund manager and/or ultra-high net worth individual, you would benefit from our wealth of experience in this sector.

We stand above the rest and our competitors because of our unlikely conflict – our knowledge of this sector puts us above the rest. We combine our commercial awareness with our extensive litigation experience which we couple with our sound knowledge of the FCA’s expectations to provide a comprehensive service to all of our clients across this sector.

When it comes to risk management or you are simply seeking a second legal opinion on a proposal, you benefit from having us on board. A successful deal is a deal that is based on a watertight agreement. Accordingly, you will benefit from our involvement from the outset of your journey.

Why Us?

We are able to manage your risk. We always say that you are better off having us involved at the beginning rather than when something starts going wrong.

We are able to advise you on and negotiate on your behalf the terms of all forms of private equity investments, management buy-ins and buy-outs, capital investments, tax and employment. Alternatively, we can stand by you on an advisory role.

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