We have all the right expertise to handle all aspects of your corporate transactional needs including reorganisation.

Where necessary, we work closely with our carefully selected external experts to assist with those elements of work for which we need an extra pair of safe hands. We always start with takeover strategic planning, a key stage in any corporate finance and reorganisation.

Why Us?

We can help you with;

  • restructures,
  • group arrangements,
  • private company acquisitions,
  • management buyouts; and
  • joint ventures.

Our founder has the experience of dealing with aggressive and contentious takeovers – whereby he helped an existing client to achieve a good result in what started as a £144 million listed company takeover but nearly fell apart. The deal nearly collapsed but through our expert’s skilful negotiation the client was successful in concluding the deal satisfactorily via which all stakeholders concerned were paid handsomely.

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