Careers at ZKS

One of England’s leading litigation, and corporate
law firms.

  • We are small but innovative and entrepreneurial
  • Accountable and driven
  • Collaborative and inclusive

Service-minded –  we advance cases responsibly, punch hard and are passionate about Law and Litigation

ZKS represents many clients both nationally and internationally. The matters which we handle are usually moderately complex to highly complex matters and in terms of litigious matters, usually issued in the Chancery Division of the High Court.  Amongst our clients are influential businessmen and women of all walks of life, business leaders, creators, performers, sport clubs, and other national and regional brands. From award-winning directors to franchise players to new startups, our clients rely on ZKS to represent their interests ferociously, and we do so responsibly by providing expert guidance, and by doing so, we create new opportunities for them to thrive and focus on what matters.

Founded in 2018, by Omid Khub, ZKS operates from its offices in Sheffield, central to all four circuits of Courts of England and Wales. We represent both national and international clients. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds.

We look for those who share an entrepreneurial mindset and have the same belief and work ethic as we do. We have created a respectful, collegial work environment; thus these qualities are a prerequisite for any successful candidate from junior to senior. 

ZKS is a service-driven organisation. We serve our clients in teams, ensuring that they benefit from the expertise and connections we offer across the entire company and beyond. 

We believe that this collaborative and inclusive approach makes ZKS a better place to work and a cut above the rest in terms of its competitors.

Assistant & Entry-Level Opportunities

Jump-start your career at ZKS as a Secretary or Paralegal.

ZKS maintains a long-standing commitment to growing its employees’ careers. The exposure to real legal work is extraordinary.  Assistants are expected to deal with mailroom clerks work, receptionists work, and work along with additional colleagues across the company, playing a critical role in enabling our business to deliver the best results for our clients. 

Our staff’s growth comes from educational offerings and hands-on learning and development opportunities that provide the skills and knowledge needed to forge industry and client relationships and to build a career in law and business. 

We look for individuals with excellent interpersonal skills, sound judgment, and a drive for results. 

The right candidates will thrive in an entrepreneurial, collaborative, fast-paced, and service-oriented culture. A lazy approach and mind set would not fit our ethos or work environment. 

Professional Opportunities

Roles for mid-career and senior professionals as qualified solicitors, or barristers or others.

We are always looking for experienced and specialised professionals to help us forge the future of law and business. In addition to representing clients, ZKS has robust practice areas in litigation risk management and businesses in difficulties, business development, advisory work, and more. Our legal and advisory services are best-in-class, and ZKS offers unparalleled opportunity for professional growth. Our culture is fast paced, not shackled by the 9am to 5pm mind set, entrepreneurial, diverse, and collaborative.

Opportunities for Students

Become a ZKS intern.

The ZKS Internship Program offers current students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain relevant, hands-on work experience at a leading law firm. 

We are currently working with the University of Law as an LLB, LLM course provider for our solicitor apprenticeship program – by which the successful candidates enter into an approved 6–7 year course incorporating SQE 1 and 2. After satisfactory completion of the course and 4 day per week work base training, the successful candidate will be awarded a qualifying LLB, LLM degree.

Following on from this, the successful intern/apprentice becomes a qualified solicitor (on the strict condition of satisfying both the University provider’s requirements, SRA’s and that of our own requirements). We collaborate with the University course provider to provide for all the educational needs of the intern/apprentice solicitors which are akin to that of those provided to a full time LLB student equivalent.

If you feel that you have the correct requisite qualifications and have the requisite attributes that we are looking for, then feel free to apply to us by first providing your CV and a Covering Letter explaining to us why we should short list you for an interview. 

We are looking for exceptionally high-quality candidates, and welcome candidates from all walks of life, irrespective of colour, religion, beliefs, gender, sex, sexual orientation etc.

A Warning about Recruitment Scams

Unscrupulous websites sometimes post ZKS jobs on their site and mislead jobseekers into submitting resumes on that website, providing sensitive personal information (such as social security numbers) or paying fees as a condition of submitting an application to ZKS or obtaining a job at ZKS. These websites (or the individuals or entities posing as recruiters) are not affiliated with ZKS and do not act on behalf of ZKS. Always utilise ZKS’ Careers page to find available openings and when submitting a job application to ZKS, know that ZKS will never ask for sensitive personal information or fees as part of your application.