Straight talking experts in legal advice

Straight Talking Experts

Based in the City of Sheffield, we enjoy a good relationship with our regional, national and international clients, ferociously guarding their lawful interests, no matter what. We recognise the privilege of being a trusted advisor to our clients.

To us, practicing law is not ‘just business’, it’s personal too – We recognise that what we do for our clients has the potential to affect them personally. As a firm, we are tenacious and dynamic in our approach to practising the law. Whilst acting with integrity in all our dealings, we look for innovative ways of resolving our clients’ issues without being constrained by convention.

We provide advice on a range of corporate, commercial and civil legal issues, across all business sectors – no matter how complex the issue, you can trust us to deliver a high standard of service. With our significant experience and expertise we are currently dealing with a range of medium to ultra-high value complex matters involving regulatory disputes in excess of multi million pounds.

We thrive on the knowledge that our clients are put at ease, with peace of mind that their matter will be dealt with competently and consistently by a dedicated member of our team

Omid Khub is described as:

  • His advice is clever and strategic
  • His insight and experience of the commercial, construction, and financial services litigation make him an obvious choice to go to
  • He is a front-runner in his areas of expertise and great at handling complex legal matters
  • A real fighter, with excellent technical skills
  • He simplifies the complicated
  • Inspires confidence
  • Extremely sensible
  • A conscientious, effective and passionate solicitor
  • Works hard to get to the bottom of your case

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