At Zakery Khub Solicitors our approach to challenging the public authorities is quite simple, when individuals and organisations face a decision whether or not to accept a determination made by a public authority, and our counsel is sought, we carefully consider our clients’ position and look for areas where the decision maker can be challenged. We give the authority an opportunity to rectify the clients’ issue before mounting a formal challenge through the Courts.

Whether your organisation is seeking to engage with the government decision makers or navigate complex regulatory landscape, we, as a firm can help you to articulate your case to give you the best chance to succeed.

Our founder began as a litigator and assisted our clients in the Courts of England and Wales. He knows how to make the right arguments, to the right people at the right time. Our approach is to generate an evidence-based argument on our client’s behalf and this we find produces an excellent result.

We collaborate with our extremal contacts from relevant professions with the view to enhance the service which we offer to our clients.

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